Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Set Points and Makeovers

Sorry about the radio silence. The last couple of weeks have been mildly frustrating. I've been bouncing back and forth between 205 and 205 for two weeks now. The funny thing is when I lost weight for the first time 3 years ago I spent 6 weeks stuck at 205. I know that my body has set points when I lose weight, places I plateau for awhile. But I didn't think it would be the exact same point, I wonder if it will hold true for the next one? It will be interesting to see if I get stuck at 195 like I did last time, won't it?

Anywho, this last week we celebrated my husband's and my son's birthdays. We went out to lunch at a Brazilian Steak House (you know, the place where they bring around the meat on the swords. Combine that with the amazing salad bar and it makes a great low-carb place to eat out.) Afterward we were waling around the outdoor mall in downtown Salt Lake when I saw this little store called Betty Paige. Their window display had these adorable 1950's style dressed and skirts. My husband encouraged me to try some on so I went in and basically got one of everything that was in my size. The styles were all Marilyn Monroe-esque. Cinched at the waist and curvy through the bust and hips. In the dressing room trying on that first dress I had a revelation.

I've hated shopping my whole life. Clothes never seem to fit me like they do other people. Pants are tight in the hips and gap hugely at the waist. Dresses strain across my bust and hips and bag around my stomach. I'll get to the point where I have one outfit left in my closet before I go out and go shopping. Part of me has always attributed this to my being over-weight, that's natural right?

But then I stood in the dressing room and pulled on a dress that was specifically designed for a woman with an hourglass figure. And it fit like the proverbial glove. Curvy through the hips and bust and narrow at the waist. I stared at myself in the mirror and felt like I was bathed in the light of a blinding epiphany. Yes I was still overweight, but here was a dress that was designed to look good on a woman with my body shape. And it did!

Then I tried on 6 more outfits, each one that fit great and looked great on me! And I started to see how other women could love shopping. So then I spent way too much on that very first dress (thanks honey) and then died my mousy brown hair black to match. If my weight loss has stalled this week, at least I'm having fun!

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Teri said...

Look at that tiny little waiste! I am so glad you found something that fits!!! It mades such a difference on how you feel. Loving the weightloss journey. Keep it up girl! I am rooting for you.