Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting this week. Monday was my annual Halloween Party and I was running around like the proverbial chicken for the last week. For those of you who live too far away to come to my spectacular party I will say this, it is waaaay too much work! I spend about 4 solid days coming up with all Halloween themed food and decorations. Here's a couple samples of my work.


From the top: Celery Mummies, Mummy Toes, Monster Toes, Mini Mummies, Witch's Hats, Bloody ears and Skeleton Bones.

So obviously, since I have no self-control and I was baking all week I gained another 2 lbs this week. :-) This is the one week where it doesn't really bother me because I know I deserved this gain.

Anyway, I started running again last week and I was surprised how easy it was to pick it up again. The date for my 5k is officially set for Nov 15th and I'm training hard. My goal has always been to run the whole thing without any walking. Yesterday I ran my best time yet, I managed to run for about 22 minutes before stopping. I'm at a 12 minute mile right now so I'll need to either run longer or faster. :-) Maybe both.

Hopefully this week will be a bit better than the last 2 and we can start seeing some 100's on the scale again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Emotional Eating

My week was long. That's about the best I can say about it. I'm at 201 this morning so I gained 2 lbs this week. David started his second job so he's gone in the evening now. I've always had a problem with emotional eating and it really flared up this week. I found myself eating late at night, something I haven't done in months and months. I'm also having a hard time finding time to exercise with the new schedule our family is on. I'd really appreciate it if everyone would say a prayer for me this week, help me to get back on track.

Monday, October 13, 2008


That's right! This morning......


We have crossed the threshold into the 100's. I can't even describe the emotion when you first see that 1 on the scale after...well....a really long time. We still have a long way to go, but let's all take a second to relax, celebrate, and enjoy a bit of treadmill dancing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Navy

All right I didn't make 199 this week like I wanted to. In fact when I weighed myself this morning I was still 201 just like last week. However I am super happy this week anyway! Want to know why?

My mom and Christy and I went shopping this weekend. We were out celebrating Christy's 20th birthday and we went to Old Navy in Casa Grande. Now I haven't tried on any clothes since I started to lose the weight. I told David that I wouldn't buy anymore clothes until I didn't have to buy plus-sized clothes anymore. I was terrified I still wouldn't fit into normal sized pants. But Christy wanted me to try some jeans on with her so I went to the back of the rack and grabbed the biggest size they had, an 18. And then I thoughy, well I've lost a lot of inches around my hips, so I grabbed a 16 too. Just in case.

We went to the dressing room and I decided to try on the 18's first. I pulled them on and buttoned them and they were HUGE on me! :) I was so excited to think that I not only was in normal sized clothes but that I wasn't even the biggest size. So, I pulled on the 16's and guess what? They were too big for me too!

That's right...I am in size 14 jeans! I was doing a little happy dance right there in the dressing room, much to the amusement of the teenage boy who was working there. Here's a pic.
I had to mess with the color so you could even see the jeans. We took the picture last night and it was a little too dark. But I am in Old Navy clothes. I haven't worn jeans in over 2 years. I am super excited.

This week I want to thank Grandma and Grandpa Mace for sending in their pledge and my sister for making me try on clothes, and my mom for buying me 2 shirts to go with my new jeans. That's it for this week. Love ya all!