Friday, March 23, 2012


Today I am watching 6 kids under the age of 8, answering phones for 9 hours for the company I work for, and making a homemade cupcake cake for the cub scout cake auction tomorrow. Yeah, I'm a little busy. But I wanted to drop in a show you guys a menu for a typical low carb day for me. You might be a little overwhelmed when going low carb for the first time wondering what you will possibly eat. The most common questions I get asked if, "Yeah, but what do you eat?!" (By the way an apology to my vegetarian friends for asking this same questions in that same puzzled voice).

So here's what I ate yesterday (keep in mind I'm in an early phase of my low carb eating so there's still a few foods I'm not allowed to eat):

3 egg omelet with onion, peppers, garlic, mushroom, and cheddar cheese

Low carb yogurt and sliced strawberries with whipped cream

Grilled Tilapia with lemon and butter, roasted asparagus and mashed caulifower

Pistachios and a string cheese

Chicken Fajita salad (grilled chicken, onions, and peppers over a green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and ranch dressing)

Sugar-free Jello with whipped cream, or an Atkins bar (the caramel nut chew one tastes just like a snickers)

I know I owe you guys a picture (do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself?) so I'll have the hubby take one tomorrow and get it up on Monday.

And for you ladies who are pumping iron with me:

Day 17

Forward Step Lunges
Towel Squats
Uni Heel Raises
Torso Twists

Day 18

Combo Bicep Curls
Bent Over Kickbacks
Seated Flyes
Kneeling One Arm Rows
Single Arm Front Lifts

Day 19

Forward Lunges
Side Leg Lifts
Plie Squats
Uni Heel Raises
Reverse Leg Lifts

Day 20

Forward Curls*
Standing Kickbacks*
Side Raises*
Lateral Drops*
Push Ups
Standing Bent Over Rows

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scottishrose45 said...

I just saw your weigh-in, and I realize I should probably post this there, but meh. You are an amazing woman, Amy. I'm just incredibly impressed by your will power and dedication. If I could eat half as healthy as you do, I'd be happy. Way to go on your progress! You'll be breaking 200 any day now, if you haven't already. Keep it up, my friend. You inspire me!